Garage Door Repair Streamwood

Garage Door Repair StreamwoodIf you live in Streamwood and are in need of a professional garage door repair technician, we can help. We understand that your garage door is the largest entrance and feature in your home. Its ability to function as it should not only makes life easier for your family, but makes your home safe. This is why we offer quality garage door repair services to the Streamwood area. Our services are handled by a team of professionals who hold the right skills and certifications in garage door repairs; your garage is in the right hands with us.

We offer a wide array of repair and installation services. We also recommend that our clients engage in active maintenance by enlisting for a maintenance service which will see you endure fewer repairs.

Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair Streamwood
Broken springs are one of the leading causes of garage door problems and the good news is that we can repair and replace your springs. Our technicians have the expertise to deal with all types of garage door springs for residential doors, commercial and industrial premises as well. We can replace both extension and torsion springs. Not all cases will require compete replacement of the springs and we only replace springs when necessary. In cases where spring can be salvaged, we can repair it and have it working like new.

When reinstalling springs, we always ensure that they are the right for your garage doors. The springs need to handle the weight of the door and we will also inspect the cables, rollers, pulleys, hinges and the support brackets to make sure that you do not encounter further problems with your door.

Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair Streamwood
If you garage door opener is not working, we will there to help fix it as soon as possible. The urgency to repair is higher if the door is open because this compromises the security of your home. An open garage door will easily entice burglars to access your home.

The first thing we will do when we come to repair your opener is inspect the door and make sure that the obstruction is not on the door itself. We will then identify the cause of the problem and proceed to correct it. We have no prejudices and whether you use an old school garage door that is opened manually or have a key-less entry system, we will fix your garage door opener.

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